As per advice and recommendation of world health authorities, every young healthy person (male/female) should undergo complete medical check up. We are starting this program under the supervision of Prof. Mehdi Hasan Mumtaz (intensivist).The person is admitted for 24 hours and all the systems of body are checked by the concerned specialists. The routine biochemical and other tests are performed. The final conclusive report is given in 24 hours. 

The detailed information can be collected from the reception. A usual fully body health check-up is made up of blood and urine tests, x-ray, ultrasonography, lungs function test, and cardiac test. These tests should only be carried out by an accredited laboratory or hospital that has the tools to carry out these diagnostic tests. 

The whole body check-up includes a comprehensive check of all systems including evaluation of cardiac systems, diabetes, liver function, cancer markers, detailed blood profile, lipid profile, imaging of key areas and detailed specialty consultations.